Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Abbott and Co. Mystery Tour ...............

Abbott and Co. Mystery Tour ...............

Abbott and Co. Mystery Tour ……………

Author Winston Close


When a Government is elected it means we the people of Australia
have employed them to look after the Country and hence look after its

The Coalition once elected shut themselves off in their Ivory Tower
thinking they now have a free hand to serve their ulterior motives: care
only about themselves and their “mantras”. In their Party mindset
believe that the Country is a balance sheet with only numbers. They
cannot comprehend in their closed mind that our Country is people, not
faceless people, not cold and impersonal numbers.

Then they behave like little Dictators that do not have in mind to
Govern in a transparent manner, keeping us informed of what they do and
why. Their response is : “ We have a mandate”.

Do they mean a mandate to do whatever they want, when they want without telling anyone what they do?

Little they seem to know that as we voted them in, we can easily voted them out.

Their behaviour in Parliament is one of showmanship. They bully the
opposition and independents and minor parties to shut them down &
say, don’t ask questions : “ We are not going to tell you anything”.
They throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want and act like a
Fascist Government. On top of this, they have appointed a Parliament
Speaker who is ostentatiously partisan and who has no sense of decency
and impartiality.

Really they’re killing Democracy and the Governor General should protect us and sack them and request new Elections.

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